the experience

Flight Experience

15-20 Min

About Our Flight Experience

The flight experience is our way to introduce you to the world of Barrel House whiskey and a fine selection of single barrels. We will give you a variety of flavors, so that you can taste, and feel the nuanced flavors between them.
Our flight experience will give you an opportunity to immerse your senses into the four corners of whiskey: rye, wheat, barley, and bourbon. In addition you will also receive a taste of our limited special release, only available with the tasting experience.  All bottles will be available for purchase from our retail store following your tasting.
*Price does not include taxes

barrel Experience

~60 Min

About Our Barrel Experience

Our barrel experience is truly something unique and personal. We want to give you the most hands on, interactive whiskey experience in the world! Dive into the subtle, dynamic, and dramatic differences whiskey has to offer. Barrel House where you become the master blender!
To begin your journey as a master blender you need to take in your environment and breathe. Let the aromas of leather, smoke, and oak ignite your passion, now let’s have some fun.
Taste from our large selection of hand picked; rye, wheat, barley, and bourbon whiskey barrels to create and bottle your unique blend or single barrel.
When you’re finished with your blend, relax and try it out with a commemorative glass. Then pick from our selection of six hand tailored bottle shapes to encapsulate your creation.
To end the journey, you will be able to personalize and name your bottle.
Now you have become the Master Blender. Share your blend with friends and family, and drink responsibly.
*Please call for a reservation /availability
For an additonal $40, a second person and glass can be added to your experience. Purchase of $139.99 Barrel Experience required.
*Price does not include taxes

the bar

food and Drinks at Our Bar

Not feeling like drinking a flight or getting a bottle, no worries. Come by for a cocktail. Serving specialty and seasonal drinks to highlight the versatility of whiskey.
(Non-alcoholic drinks available)
food & drink menu